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The Plymale Family In America
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The Plymale Family Tree is probably 75% of what this site is all about.  It contains the names and individual family trees of over six hundred Plymale families here in America.  There are also many photographs, some of which date back to the mid 1800's.  Here you can look for your own name to see if you, or any of your known relatives, are already mentioned in this site.

Submit Information to this web site!  The future of this site really depends on you to help take it to the next level.  Please submit all the Plymale Family information and history that you have so that this site can truly become the comprehensive resource that it's meant to be.

The Search Page will assist you in looking up yourself or your relatives. 

You Can Contact Me if you have no luck finding yourself, that means that a new Plymale has been located and you can be added to this site if you wish.  Also, if you see something written here that is incorrect, please let me know so that I can correct it!


The Bulletin Board will let you post queries, or messages to anyone else that you think might be interested.  They will be able to reply directly to your message, and other people can get in on the discussion if they desire.

Help Support This Site will explain the nuts and bolts of what it's costing me to operate this site, and politely ask if you would like to contribute to it's upkeep. I am committed to making sure that this site remains a free-site!  There will never be any kind of fee associated with visiting here as that would defeat the whole purpose of this site - which is to share Plymale Family information and historical knowledge with anyone that has an interest.

And still under construction:

Cemetery Listings go along way in preserving our families heritage and history.  A comprehensive list of where many Plymales are buried will be located here.  Eventually I'm hoping to be able to include roadmap directions to many of these sites so that their locations will not be lost over the course of time.

Courthouse Records will be a listing of several types of municipal records that we have about various Plymales including Birth, Death, Marriage, Wills, Land Deeds, Census, and War records.

Plymale Family Reunions held around the country will be listed here as well as a means to get in touch with the different organizations involved in organizing them each year.  Perhaps someday we can have a National Plymale Family Reunion!

European Roots will be dedicated to tracking down more detailed and concrete information as to where the first Plymale brothers actually came from and when.

Articles About Plymales will contain any interesting or noteworthy newspaper clippings from over the years that anyone would like to donate to this site for public viewing.

Plymale Landmarks will give details on some of the historical areas around the country that are associated with the Plymale name.

Lost Pictures/Lost Families will contain unidentified photographs as well as the names of people thought to be related to the Plymale Family.   Maybe you can help identify them!

FAQ'S or Frequently Asked Questions, will be an updated listing of the most common questions I get from viewers about this site.  Look here if something about this site doesn't make sense and maybe you'll find your answer.

Genealogical Links will show you a list (with Hyper-links) to many of the World Wide Web's favorite genealogical information web-sites.  There's about a million of them out there so if you know of any that I should add please let me know.


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