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The Plymale Family In America

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0-_______Plymale (Progenitor)

BORN:(early 1700's)   DIED:(late 1700's)   BURIED:( see below *)
Home State:( Virginia )

About the year 1730, two Plymale brothers, given names unknown, are thought to have set sail from Brittany, France for what was then known as the New World, or the Colonies. After a voyage comprising some four months, they landed in Virginia and like many of those who came to
America during those troubled times, they faced many of the hardships of the early pioneers' lives. The two brothers remained together until about a year or so after their arrival. At that time they separated and the older brother returned to his native land to secure relinquishment of family property.

Between the year of 1732 and 1735, the younger brother who remained in America married a Virginia lady and settled near the present site of
Lynchburg, Virginia and eventually moving to Giles County, Virginia.

Once in Giles County, Virginia he erected a log cabin in the center of a clearing on Spruce Run, a small tributary on the New River, and about 25 miles from the present site of Pearisburg, Virginia (County seat of Giles County). To this spot every Plymale (Plimale, Plimell, Plymell, Plymel, Plymal, Plymail, Plymall) all of whom are the same family, can trace their lineage.

To this first Plymale family mentioned above there were at least six children born.

*There is a cemetery at the top of the hill directly behind the house on Spruce Run mentioned above, where there are several grave markers from the family that owned the land after the first Plymales.  None of the headstones are older than about 1900, however it is possible that this was used as a burial ground for quite some time before this, and perhaps this first Plymale settler and his wife are buried there.







Virginia ?






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Children of 0 (first name unknown) Plymale and his wife (name unknown)

  born died married:
0-1 Anthony before 1765 about 1840 1st.    Elizabeth ( Bethia ) Bowen of Botetourt County, Virginia on 1-11-1789
2nd.  Ann Criner in 1816
0-2 Michael 1760's about 1818 1st.   Amy Hudson 1-19-1785
2nd. Susanah Morona
0-3 John ( Plimell ) about 9-5-1765 8-3-1849 Jane Ester Twiley 10-31-1791
0-4 Elizabeth ? ? William Davis in Botetourt County, Virginia on 10-19-1791
0-5 Anne ? ? Joseph Elliott in Patrick County, Virginia on 8-13-1792
0-6 James ? ? ?

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