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0-3. John Plimell (Plymale)

BORN:(about 9-5-1765)   DIED:(8-3-1849)   BURIED:( Upper Glade )
Home State:( Virginia / Pennsylvania / Ohio )

0-3 John Plimell was born on approximately September 5th, 1765.

He married Jane Ester Twiley on October 31st, 1791 in Botetourt County, Virginia.

After their marriage, they are thought to have moved to Pennsylvania. By the year 1818 he had settled in Deer Creek township, Madison County, Ohio.

0-3 John Plimell settled in Deer Creek Township on Upper Glade, a branch of Deer Creek, in 1818. The family home was established on 180 acres of land purchased on January 20, 1820 by John Plimell from Duncan McArthur (Vol. 4 Page 493) for which he paid $700 cash. John, with the help of his sons, cleared about 1/3 of the land for cultivation. The land was all in virgin timber so an old log house was built from the cleared trees. This log house stood until 1914, when it was removed for a more modern house by one of his descendants.

The "History of Madison County, Ohio" which was published in 1915, states on page 558 that "The Plimell Family has been honorable and influentially  identified with this section of Ohio for nearly 100 years to be exact, since 1818."

0-3 John Plimell, living in the wilderness all his life never had an opportunity to get an education which is indicated by his marriage bond in Virginia, and his last will and testament which was made in 1846 and probated in Madison County, Ohio in 1849, both being signed by (his x mark).

Jane Ester Twiley died on March 23rd, 1846 at the age of 72.

0-3 John Plimell died in 1849. He was 84 years old at that time. He is buried in the Upper Glade Cemetery, which was adjoining his farm, and was the first cemetery in Madison County, Ohio.  One of the first buried in this cemetery was John McDonald, one of the area's first settlers, in 1811.

His tombstone inscription reads:

"John Plimell Senr. Died Aug. 3, 1849. Age 83 years, 10 mos., 29 days"

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Jane Ester Twiley



MARRIED   10-31-1791







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Children of 0-3 John Plimell and Jane Ester Twiley
married October 31st, 1791

. born died married:
0-3-1 James ( Plymell ) about 1793 before March of 1846 ?
0-3-2 Anthony ( Plymell ) 3-15-1795 3-31-1858 Sally _______?
0-3-3 Marthier about 1797 ? James Brown 1-1-1833
0-3-4 Jane about1799 ? ___?____ Clarno
0-3-5 John 9-17-1800 5-13-1877 Winnie Lewis (b. 1808)
0-3-6 Elizabeth ( Betsy ) about 1803 ? Mathias Furrow
0-3-7 Martha about 1806 ? James Boen 1-1-1833
0-3-8 Anna 1808 2-16-1892 1st.   John Duley 1-5-1830
2nd.  Thomas Brannen 12-15-1876
0-3-9 William 7-26-1810 3-22-1856 1st.    ___?___ ___?___
2nd.  Frances Helverson

This is a very difficult branch of the family tree to navigate because it is still very much under construction.  If this is your first visit to the Plymale Family Web-Site,  I would suggest investigating a different branch first, in order to familiarize yourself with the process.

Note: In Madison County, Ohio, the name Plimell was changed to Plymell during the Civil War according to Ray Plymell (who was living on part of the old John Plimell farm in Madison County, Ohio, Deer Creek Township on upper Glade Road as of the 1960's)

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