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The Plymale Family In America

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0-3-8 Anna Plymell

BORN:(1808)   DIED:(2-16-1892)   BURIED:( Matkins )
Home State:( Virginia / Ohio / Missouri )

0-3-8 Anna Plymell was born in Virginia (possibly Botetourt Co.) in the year 1808.   She is thought to have moved to Ohio with her father as an infant, since tax records show 0-3 John Plimell in Fayette County, Ohio in 1810.  Anna grew up in Madison County, Ohio.

She married John Duley on January 5th, 1830 in Madison County, Ohio.   About 1839 they moved to Missouri, probably with her brother 0-3-2 Anthony and his family, and settled in Davies County (now Harrison County which was formed 1845).

They had at least 7 children.  The 1850 census shows another daughter named Maria as the oldest child.  She was not mentioned though by her father John Duley in his will.   She was called a half sister by 0-3-8-3 Jane in her will.  Her exact place in the family has not been established.  She is thought to have married a boy named ___?___ Watson.

John Duley was a farmer and was born in Maryland in the year 1808.   He died January 1st, 1869 in Harrison County, Missouri at the age of 60.  He is buried in the Salmon Cemetery in northwest Davies County, Missouri, just below the Harrison County line.

Anna was married a second time on December 15th, 1876 to Thomas Brannen, a widower with children, and a Civil War veteran about 20 years her junior.

0-3-8 Anna Plymell died in Butler Township, Harrison County, Missouri on February 16, 1892.  She was buried in Matkins Cemetery on February 17, 1892.   Her gravestone was erected by her daughter, 0-3-8-3 Jane (Duley) Daniel.

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John Duley



MARRIED 1-5-1830

FROM Maryland




Thomas Brannen



MARRIED 12-15-1876






Children of 0-3-8 Anna Plymell and John Duley
married January 5th, 1830

  born died married:
0-3-8-1 Mary Duley about 1833 in Ohio (Madison Co.?) ? Benjamin Gray 3-18-1866 in Harrison County, Missouri.
0-3-8-2 Thomas Duley about 1836 in Madison Co, Ohio 1879 in the Kansas City area 1st.   Mary Jane Beals(Bales)(b. 9-13-1843 in Stark County, Ohio.)
(d. 1876 in Missouri )
married on 9-28-1862 in Davies Co. Missouri.
2nd.  Emily Haynes 10-21-1877 in Davies Co. Missouri
0-3-8-3 Jane Duley 5-22-1837 in Madison Co. Ohio 1-13-1912 Andrew Jackson Daniel 5-13-1866 in Harrison Co. Missouri.
He was born about 1820 in Illinois and was previously married to Nancy Green.  He died 1-9-1900 in McFall, Gentry Co. Missouri and is buried with Jane in Big Springs Cemetery in Harrison Co. Missouri
0-3-8-4 William Duley about 1841 in Davies Co. Missouri 5-30-1863
of typhoid
?     ( was enlisted in the Union Army, Company-D, 23rd Infantry on 4-20-1863)
0-3-8-5 Wesley Duley ? ? ?
0-3-8-6 Jefferson Duley 9-7-1846 in Harrison Co. Missouri 4-14-1918 in
Stafford, Co.
Martha  Jane Hatton 5-8-1870 in Harrison Co. Missouri.   She was born 10-30-1848 and died 3-1-1917.   She and Jefferson are buried in Leesburg Cemetery in Stafford Co. Kansas.
0-3-8-7 Margaret Duley about 1848 in Harrison Co. Missouri 1860's ?

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