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The Plymale Family In America

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0-2-3-8 John Greenberry Plymale

BORN:(10-25-1837)   DIED:(1916)   BURIED:(see below)
Home State:( Virginia )

0-2-3-8 John Greenberry Plymale was born in Bedford County, Virginia on October 25, 1837.   On August 11th, 1861 he was united in marriage with Sarah Whitworth.

He was also a soldier during the Civil War, fighting with the Confederate army.   It is told by his descendants that he was with his two brothers, 0-2-3-2 Samuel Plymale and 0-2-3-7 Thomas Perry Plymale when Samuel was shot in the groin by a Yank bullet.  With the help of Thomas Perry Plymale, he carried Samuel in back of the lines to a first aid camp.  Unfortunately Samuel died the next day.

After the death of his parents, 0-2-3-8 John Greenberry Plymale took over the old home place, where he lived for several more years.  Later he moved to a log house some two or three miles from the old home place (which is now located on the lower flood control dam, across the lake from the farm of 0-2-3-2-1-4 Robert Edward Plymale).

John Greenberry Plymale’s wife, who preceded him in death, is buried In the old home place cemetery. He died in 1916 and is buried in the new cemetery on top of a hill a little ways from the house where he died.  The exact location of these cemeteries is unknown to me.


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0-2-3-8 John Greenberry Plymale


Sarah Whitworth


before 1916

MARRIED 8-11-1861






Brothers And Sisters
0-2-3-2 Samuel Osberry Plymale
0-2-3-6 Julena Plymale
0-2-3-7 Thomas Perry Plymale
0-2-3-8 John Greenberry Plymale

Children of 0-2-3-8 John Greenberry Plymale and Sarah Whitworth

  born died married:
0-2-3-8-1 James Green 5-1-1862 4-13-1939 Martha Annie Cassidy on 12-16-1886
0-2-3-8-2 Thomas Wyatt 3-8-1866 10-3-1942 Nannie Lee Howell 5-19-1903
0-2-3-8-3 John 9-19-1867 6-29-1869 died in infancy
0-2-3-8-4 William Gus I 2-22-1869 6-22-1933 Sarah Myers Yeagar 10-3-1928
0-2-3-8-5 Nannie 3-1-1874 4-6-1925 Green Robertson
0-2-3-8-6 Samuel 3-15-1872 2-28-1880 died young from measles
0-2-3-8-7 Sallie 5-11-1877 6-24-1947 Charlie Shelton
0-2-3-8-8 Owen 1-4-1881 ? Bessie Hunt 12-25-1915
0-2-3-8-9 Patty 8-5-1883 ? Henry Franklin I 11-20-1912
0-2-3-8-10 David Noel 6-27-1885 1-6-1949 1st.   Ethel Iza Lukin 12-27-1921
2nd. Sallie Tuck in 1925
0-2-3-8-11 Jappy 9-1-1888 3-12-1890 died in infancy

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