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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-8 Gabriel Plymale

BORN:(10-2-1804)   DIED:(11-11-1852)    BURIED:( Jacksonville Cemetery )
Home State:( Virginia / Illinois / Oregon )

0-1-8 Gabriel Plymale was born in Botetourt County, (now Giles County) Virginia on October 2, 1804.

When Gabriel was a young man, he visited his brothers 0-1-3 John and 0-1-6 Anthony, who lived in what is now Wayne County, West Virginia. While there, he met a girl in Cabell County by the name of Mary (Polly) Hatfield.  She was born February 8th, 1804 in Cabell County, Virginia (now West Virginia).  On October 16, 1828 Gabriel and Mary Hatfield were united in marriage by Rev. Stephen Spurlock in Cabell County, Virginia (now West Virginia).  Gabriel bought three tracts of land and settled on them, building a log house near the mouth of Newcomb Creek, above the Buffalo Shoals and across Twelvepole Creek from the old Henry Luther water powered grain mill.  While living on this farm, three of their children were born.

To see an 1890's view of Twelvepole Creek as viewed from 0-1-8 Gabriel Plymale's farm.

On August 20, 1834, Gabriel sold his 160 acre farm to Henry Luther for $100.  He took his wife and children and moved to Knox County, Illinois where he stayed until 1852.  It appears that eventually he got what was known as "Gold Fever" and with his family in a covered wagon, headed west over the old "Oregon Trail".  He arrived In Jackson County, Oregon in October, 1852 and died November 11, 1852 of typhoid fever.  He is buried In the Jacksonville Cemetery in Jacksonville, Oregon.  His wife Mary, settled a land homestead claim (#834), and with the help of her three sons, 0-1-8-3 Francis Marion, 0-1-8-5 William Jasper, and 0-1-8-6 Sebastian, erected a home where she remained until her death on April 3, 1875.

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Mary (Polly) Hatfield



MARRIED 10-16-1828

Cabell County,VA
(now WV)


Isaac Hatfield
and Mary French


More info regarding this branch of the Plymale family can be found outside of this website by clicking HERE.

Children of 0-1-8 Gabriel Plymale and Mary (Polly) Hatfield
The first 3 or 4 children were born in Giles or Cabell County, Virginia.  The rest were born in Knox county, Illinois.

  born died married:
0-1-8-1 Minerva Jane 9-29-1829 10-16-1910 Robert Clinton Armstrong of Ohio on 12-23-1848
0-1-8-2 Anderville 3-15-1831 12-22-1852 ?    ( died in Jackson County, Oregon )
0-1-8-3 Francis Marion 3-17-1833 2-16-1900 Jane Elizabeth Nichols 12-21-1865
0-1-8-4 Elizabeth 1835 5-8-1890 George C. Ross 1-1-1855
0-1-8-5 William Jasper 2-9-1837 1-12-1904 Josephine Lucretia Martin 7-9-1863
0-1-8-6 Sebastian 9-12-1838 5-6-1920 Mary Ellen Little ( of Maine ) on 11-4-1868
0-1-8-7 Sarah (Polly) (*see photo below 1840 1911 Lewis H. Zigler (1829 to 8-22-1884) on 5-3-1855
0-1-8-8 Narcissa 1842 6-10-1924 1st.   Capt. William A. Wilkinson 5-8-1859 (divorced 1866)
2nd.  Thomas G. Giannini (11-25-1833 to May 1869) 5-3-1869
0-1-8-9 Sarah Pauline 4-7-1844 6-24-1885 1st.   Solomon M. Farren 12-31-1867
2nd.  ___?___ Brown
0-1-8-10 Emmasetta 1846 ? Edward E. Autenwirth 10-27-1874


*0-1-8-7 Sarah (Polly) Plymale Zigler

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