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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-8-6-2 Fred Sebastian Plymale

BORN:(9-29-1872)   DIED:(9-8-1944)   BURIED:(?)
Home State:( Oregon )

0-1-8-6-2 Fred Sebastian Plymale came to Arlington, Oregon in 1900 and went to work as a shingle weaver in the Pilchuck Mill which was about seven miles N. W. of Arlington.

On weekends the single fellows came to Arlington on the train and stayed at the Arlington Hotel (the only one in the area). Patrick and Mary Cull ran the hotel and this is where he met their daughter, Lily.  He married Lily Mary Cull on February 25th, 1907 in Arlington.  They went to Portland for the honeymoon and for her to meet his family.

In 1903 Fred Sebastian started law enforcement work as the Arlington town Marshall.  In 1915 Fred Sebastian went to work for the Snohomish County Sheriffs Office in Everett, Washington.  He worked under 5 sheriffs, the first 4 as a deputy, and the last one as under-sheriff until his death in 1944.  He was in law enforcement work 34 years, and always lived in Arlington.

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Lily Mary Cull



MARRIED 2-25-1907



Patrick and Mary Cull




Brothers And Sisters

Children of 0-1-8-6-2 Fred Sebastian Plymale and Lily Mary Cull
married February 25th, 1907

  born died married:
0-1-8-6-2-1 Eunice Eloise 10-19-1910 ? unmarried
0-1-8-6-2-2 Patrick Fred 8-7-1926 ? Carol Ann Kramer 11-18-1950

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