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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-8-6-2-2 Patrick Fred Plymale

BORN:(8-7-1926)   DIED:(?)   BURIED:(?)
Home State:( Oregon / Washington )

0-1-8-6-2-2 Patrick Fred Plymale went to Seattle University in 1947 (after he returned from military service).  He met his wife Carol Ann Kramer there and they were married on November 18th, 1950.  After they both graduated in 1951, they moved to Everett, Washington and Pat went to work for Public Utilities.  In 1953 he went to work for the Scott Paper Company.  In 1956 he was transferred to Empire, Oregon and in 1960 was transferred back to Everett.  As of the 1980's he was their General Logging Accountant.

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Carol Ann Kramer



MARRIED 11-18-1950






Brothers And Sisters

Children of 0-1-8-6-2-2 Patrick Fred Plymale and Carol Ann Kramer
married November 18th, 1950

  born died married:
0-1-8-6-2-2-1 Mary Patricia 7-16-1952 ? ?    (graduated from Fort Wright College in 1974 with a BA in music.  Recently worked at Cornish College in Seattle, WA)
0-1-8-6-2-2-2 Michael John 7-5-1954 ? Laura Jane Pendleton 4-2-1977       (graduated form Washington State Univ. in 1976 in Business.   Recently worked as assistant county auditor of Clark County in Vancouver, WA.)
0-1-8-6-2-2-3 John Thomas 3-28-1958 ? ?
0-1-8-6-2-2-4 Susan Marie 4-21-1961 ? ?
0-1-8-6-2-2-5 Katherine Theresa 6-21-1964 ? ?
0-1-8-6-2-2-6 Mark Edward 9-13-1967 ? ?

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