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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-6 Anthony Plymale II

BORN:(6-4-1800) DIED:(5-20-1886)  BURIED:( 0-1-6 Anthony Plymale Cemetery )
Home State: ( West Virginia )

(0-1-6) Anthony Plymale II was born June 4th, 1800 in Giles County, Virginia. Sometime before the year 1820, Anthony came to visit his brother John who had settled in Cabell County, now Wayne County, West Virginia.

Anthony II became active in politics and in 1821, was appointed Constable after his brother John, resigned.

Anthony Plymale II built his log house across the creek, and about one mile up stream from his brother John's house. He married Mary Pauline (Polly) Ferguson on June 10, 1824. She was a sister to John's wife, Rebecca. Here he raised a large family of thirteen children. He is grandfather of at least 92 children.

Mary Pauline (Polly) Ferguson, died May 13, 1882 at the age of 78.

On July 26, 1882, Anthony Plymale II, at the age of 82, married Sarah Harmon Fuller, a young widow woman with two children. Sarah's husband James Fuller had died leaving her with the two small children. Anthony II and his first wife Mary (Polly), had raised Sarah from the time she was a small child, so she brought her children to the only home she had ever known, and at the time of Anthony's wife's death, was taking care of her. On the day of their marriage, Anthony II and Sarah entered into a marriage contract whereby Anthony agreed to, give her a farm of 100 acres and personal property equal to $1,000 and she agreed to forfeit her right to a widow's dowry at his death. It appears that she needed a home, and he needed a housekeeper in his old days, and this was what they thought was the honorable way for the two to solve their problems.

Anthony II never owned slaves, and he did every thing in his power to help runaway slaves from the southern states to get into a free state. He was a member of the underground railroad, which assisted slaves to liberty. He was also a member of company which bought 500 acres of land in Burlington, Ohio for 37 slaves which were freed by their master in Orange County, Virginia. Their master willed them their liberty at his death, and set aside $10,000 for purchasing land in a free state, and to provide for them until they got settled and established. Today more than one-half of the population of Burlington, Ohio is black.

Anthony Plymale II was a Baptist minister and he founded the "Buffalo Valley Baptist Church" in 1850 and preached the first sermon in the building. It was destroyed by a cyclone in May, 1965 but has since been rebuilt.  (Click Here to see a recent photo of this church.)

Anthony Plymale II over a long period of time bought several thousand acres of land. He, like his brother John, sold the timber off his lands, and as his children married, gave them large tracts of land as wedding presents. When his daughter Elizabeth married William Haynie, he gave her 130 acres on Buffalo Creek. When his son Alderson married Adeline Chadwick, he gave them 200 acres on Buffalo Creek. When his daughter Rebecca married 0-1-3-3-1 John “Plymale” Malcolm (cousins), he gave them 175 acres on Buffalo Creek. When his son, William C. L. Plymale married Prudence Ferguson, he gave them a large tract of land on Queens Fork of Hurricane Creek.

In Anthony's will, he gave his old home farm, where he first settled to his son Anthony Wayne Plymale, but reserved one acre of ground where the cemetery now is for a burial ground for his family and their descendants. It is in this cemetery that Anthony II and his first wife Mary (Polly) are buried.

Anthony II died May 20th, 1886.   His tombstone reads:
"They that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the stars."

0-1-6 Anthony Plymale II and
Mary Pauline (Polly) Ferguson


Mary Pauline (Polly) Ferguson

Wayne County,
Wst Virginia


MARRIED 6-10-1824

Wayne County,
Wst Virginia


William Ferguson
and Sarah Stokes


Sarah Harmon Fuller




FROM   ?





Brothers And Sisters
0-1-1 Elizabeth Plymale
0-1-2 Theodosia Plymale
0-1-3 John Plymale
0-1-4 William B Plymale
0-1-6 Anthony Plymale II
0-1-7 James Plymale
0-1-8 Gabriel Plymale
0-1-9 Mary (Polly) Plymale
0-1-12 Tabathia
0-1-13 Hugh Plymale I


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Land Deed between 0-1-6Anthony
and Sarah Fuller:
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Land gifts from 0-1-6 Anthony to his children after their marriages:
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Children of 0-1-6 Anthony Plymale II and Mary (Polly) Ferguson
married June 10th, 1824





0-1-6-1 Caroline Frances 4-27-1825 1-23-1845 unmarried
0-1-6-2 John B. 5-4-1827 12-28-1851 Martha Ferguson 6-10-1849
0-1-6-3 Sarah Ann 3-29-1829 6-30-1856 Thomas James Ferguson 10-8-1848
0-1-6-4 Laura (Puss) 3-17-1831 or 1832 9-27-1924 John J. Chadwick 11-3-1849
0-1-6-5 Alderson 1-28-1833 1889 Lucretia Adeline Chadwick 5-5-1853
0-1-6-6 William Calvin Leggett 1-29-1835 10-1-1917 1st.     Prudence (Sis) Ferguson
2nd.  Sarah Adron Billups
0-1-6-7 Elizabeth (Betty) 3-8-1837 9-22-1891 William D. Haynie
0-1-6-8 Mary (Pop) 3-22-1839 1929 Anthony Wayne Smith in 1863 in Catlettsburg, KY
0-1-6-9 Rebecca 12-11-1841 6-19-1907 (0-1-3-3-1) John "Plymale" Malcolm (cousins)
0-1-6-10 Anthony W. (Persie) 1-31-1844 1912 1st.   (0-1-3-2-1) Rebecca Plymale (cousins) 11-29-1866
2nd.  Lucinda Wilcox 10-4-1884
0-1-6-11 Joanna (Sis) 5-26-1846 2-1-1869 William Hazlett 11-28-1867
0-1-6-12 Joseph 8-28-1848 1-19-1901 1st.   Leonorea Sprangler of Gallia County Ohio
2nd.  Georgia Miller 10-16-1886


Children of 0-1-6 Anthony Plymale II and Sarah Harmon Fuller
married July 26th, 1882

  born died married:
0-1-6-13 Henry Cecil 9-14-1882 7-31-1964 Laura Belle Jones 1-6-1903

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