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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-6-12 Joseph Plymale

BORN:(8-28-1848)   DIED:(1-19-1901)   BURIED:( on his farm )
Home State:( West Virginia )

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0-1-6-12 Joseph Plymale

0-1-6-12 Joseph Plymale was born in what is now Wayne County, West Virginia on August 28th, 1848.  On April 1st, 1869 Joe Plymale and Leonora E. Sprangler were united in marriage in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio.   Leonorea was the daughter of John Sprangler and Mary Loucks and she was  born in Gallia County, Ohio on January 30th. 1840.  Her mother was also born in that state and county, but her father was born in Cabell County, WV (then Virginia).

Leonorea Sprangler, was a great grand-daughter of the old Revolutionary War soldier William Loucks, who is said to have fought beside George Washington.  It is also said that one time he volunteered to go behind the British lines to get powder from a magazine.  This act turned out to be a deciding factor in the ensuing battle.   George Washington supposedly gave him a signal by waving his hat from atop a stump when he thought William Loucks would have the best chance of coming back through the British lines with the wagon half-loaded with powder.

0-1-6-12 Joseph Plymale had a good farm on Twelve Pole Creek, three miles from Ceredo.  He was also a civil engineer, land surveyor, and attorney at law.  His business card read: Joe Plymale, Attorney, and Councilor at Law Practices in all courts of Wayne County and adjoining counties, special attention given to collecting and examination of land titles, Ceredo, Wayne County, West Virginia."

0-1-6-12 Joseph Plymale married  Georgia Miller in 1886.  He died January 19th, 1901 and is buried on his old farm.


Leonorea E. Sprangler



MARRIED 4-1-1869

Gallia County, Ohio


John Sprangler
and Mary Loucks


Georgia Miller



MARRIED 10-16-1886




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Georgia Miller and 0-1-6-12-5-5 Teddy Skean
(in Plant City, Florida about 1921)


Children of 0-1-6-12 Joseph Plymale and Leonorea Sprangler

  born died married:
0-1-6-12-1 Minnie 3-22-1870 1-6-1951 Horatio McKeand
0-1-6-12-2 Cecil 12-26-1872 7-10-1876 died a child
0-1-6-12-3 Mabel 12-8-1876 3-29-1965 1st.   James Perdue
2nd. James Adams 4-11-1895

Children of 0-1-6-12 Joseph Plymale and Georgia Miller

  born died married:
0-1-6-12-4 Fisher B. 12-24-1887 ? Hallie Burr  (no children)
0-1-6-12-5 Zula 6-24-1888 9-1-1971 John Skean 10-11-1909
0-1-6-12-6 Hattie 1889 died young ?
0-1-6-12-7 Daisy 1892 ? Charles Brown  (no children)
0-1-6-12-8 Camden 12-4-1894 ? 1st.   Marie Staley 12-12-1914
2nd. (0-1-6-4-10) Laura Mitchell
0-1-6-12-9 Jennings Bryan (Bill) 3-11-1897 9-1-1967 1st.   Jessie Rakes 3-26-1915
2nd.  Dorothy Kidd
0-1-6-12-10 Roy Fink I 6-14-1899 4-3-1973 Margaret Owens in 1918
0-1-6-12-11 Joey 1901 11-21-1975 Emmett Lambert  2-4-1920

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