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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-4 William B Plymale

BORN:(1797)   DIED:(6-25-1863)   BURIED:( Bowyer )
Home State:( Virginia )

0-1-4 William B. Plymale was born in what is now Giles County, Virginia in the year 1797 (according to the 1850 Census).  He made his home with his father until about 1820, when his father moved to Yellowtown (now Thivener), in Gallia County, Ohio.  The records in Botetourt County, Virginia show he was united in marriage with Elizabeth Paxton of Botetourt County on February 12th, 1824.  This was recorded in Book 2 Page 303.

They went to housekeeping in what is now Alleghany County, Virginia on a farm on Potts Creek where they remained all their lives, raising a large family.  He was a farmer who raised stock and tobacco and at the time of his death he owned nine head of sheep, six head of hogs and one horse.  The inventory of his personal property was valued at $168.78.

He died June 25th, 1863 at the age of 66.  His wife, Elizabeth Paxton, was born in 1806 (according to the 1850 Census) and died July 25th, 1869 (taken from her tombstone in the Bowyer Cemetery on Potts Creek, near Covington, Va. where they are both buried).

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Elizabeth Paxton



MARRIED 2-12-1824

FROM Botetourt County, Virginia




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Children of 0-1-4 William B. Plymale and Elizabeth Paxton

  born died married:
0-1-4-0 James Gray 1825 between 1900-1904 ? 1st.    Amanda Jane Persinger 7-28-1847
2nd.  Louvicia Boon  11-17-1895
0-1-4-1 Bethia 1828 ? ?
0-1-4-2 Rebecca 6-15-1831 5-24-1906 William Jordan Helmintoller 10-16-1850
0-1-4-3 Sarah Ann 1831 1894 William Craft
0-1-4-4 Thomas John 2-23-1835 3-4-1910 Sarah Huddleston  7-31-1857
0-1-4-5 William C. 1837 ? ?
0-1-4-6 Virgil Stewart 1840 1888 Sarah Rebecca Craft 5-27-1860
0-1-4-7 George W. 1842 5-16-1877 Mary Byer ?
0-1-4-8 Nancy J. 1845 ? H. J. Clinebell
0-1-4-9 John Taylor 3-30-1846 12-29-1912 1st.    Emmaline F. Byer 12-12-1867
2nd. Annie M. Dean
0-1-4-10 Jennetta C. 1849 ? G. W. Paxton   1-29-1868
0-1-4-11 Emaline K. 9-11-1853 11-10-1861 ?

For the time being James Gray Plymale's family tree number is listed incorrectly as 0-1-4-0 instead of 0-1-4-1.
His information is a recent addition to the site and I haven't had the opportunity
to correctly re-number his siblings that were born after him.

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