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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-3 John Plymale

BORN:(11-15-1795) DIED:(8-4-1872) BURIED:( 0-1-3 John Plymale Cemetery )
Home State:( Virginia / West Virginia )

0-1-3 John Plymale was born November 15, 1795 in Botetourt County, Virginia*(now Giles County). Little is known about the first 18 years of his life.  About 1813 John Plymale left Giles County and followed the New River Valley to the Kanawha Falls, down the Kanawha River by way of the James River Turnpike to Barboursville and Guyandotte, Virginia (now West Virginia).  He probably worked for some of the settlers who were there at that time.

The records of Cabell County show that he was appointed Deputy Sheriff and took the oath of office in 1816.  In 1818 Sheriff Hannon appointed him as Deputy Sheriff.  

On December 19th 1819, John Plymale was united in marriage with Rebecca Ferguson, daughter of William and Sarah (Stokes) Ferguson and granddaughter of Samuel Ferguson (1744-1825).  Rebecca was born in 1800.  To this union five children were born. 

On June 25, 1820, he was appointed constable.  In 1821 he was appointed Captain of the 120th. regiment of the Virginia Militia.  He also served on the Jury that year.  

In 1824 he was appointed Chief Justice of Cabell County by the Governor of Virginia, which position he held for many years.  During this early period court was held by the Justices of the Peace, which numbered twelve or less, with a minimum of three.   On Feb. 25th 1828, John Plymale, Elisha McComas (his 2nd. wife's grandfather), Benjamin Drown, John Hannon, William Fullerton, Thomas Kilgore, Levi McCormaic, William Spurlock, Patric Keenen, Frederick Moore, Andrew Barrett, William Brumfield, William Buffington and Abia Rece, who were all Justices, held court.

In July of 1829 Rebecca Plymale died and was the first to be buried in the 0-1-3 John Plymale cemetery on the old plantation.

On December 29th, 1830, a daughter was born to 0-1-3 John Plymale while he was a widower, named Emmasetta.  It is not known who her mother was, or where exactly she was raised.

On September 1st, 1833 John Plymale married Lourana Shelton (1811-1897), daughter of John and Sarah (McComas) Shelton and granddaughter of the Old Revolutionary War soldier, Elisha McComas.  To this union fourteen children were born. 

He was appointed overseer of the poor on March 24, 1835 and took the oath of that office. 

In 1857 John Plymale was elected to represent Wayne County, Virginia (West Virginia) as a member of the House of Delegates for the 1857-58 sessions.**   He rode horseback to and from Richmond, Virginia while serving as a member of the House of Delegates.  He introduced a resolution before the House on December 11th, 1857 to have the committee of roads and internal navigation inquire into the expediency of constructing a graded road from Wayne Courthouse, up the right fork of Twelvepole Creek to Kiers Fork of same, at the time the most practical route, to intersect the road leading from Logan Courthouse, to the Tug Fork of Sandy River.  On Wednesday, January 13th, 1858, Bill #208 was passed for the Wayne and Tug Fork Turnpike (Now West Virginia Route #52), up the right hand fork of Twelvepole Creek.**

On Monday, March 3rd, 1858, Bill #297 was introduced to enlarge the present Corporation limits of the town of "Guyandotte" in Cabell County, Virginia (West Virginia). John Plymale of Wayne County and Thomas Thornburg of Cabell County voted aye (yes)**.

0-1-3 John Plymale was never out of a political position from 1816 until the war broke out between the states.  In this war his sympathy was with the South and the Confederates for the duration.  Two of his sons, 0-1-3-11 Octavian Cromwell Plymale I and 0-1-3-13 Francis Marion Plymale I, served in Company K. 16th Cavalry under Col. Milton Ferguson (a relative of his first wife, Rebecca Ferguson).  After the war ended, he and about twenty other Confederates were named in a damage suit resulting from the war for aiding the Rebels*** and four judgements for $30,000. each were rendered against them.  These judgements were compromised by the selling of the lands of T. J. Jenkins, W. A. Jenkins and Peter Cline Buffington.

0-1-3 John Plymale died August 4th, 1872.  He is buried in the 0-1-3 John Plymale cemetery, along with many of his descendents.

Eighteen of his children, of which there were twenty, lived to raise families. He was the grandfather of at least 121 grandchildren and 384 plus great-grandchildren.

*Giles County was formed from Botetourt County, Virginia in 1806.
**From Virginia Year Book (Office of House of Delegates) Richmond, Virginia.
***From Annals of Cabell County, West Virginia by George Wallace, P. 42.

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0-1-3 John Plymale
and Lourana Shelton



Rebecca Ferguson



MARRIED 12-19-1819



William Ferguson
and Sarah Stokes


Lourana Shelton



MARRIED 9-1-1833



John Shelton
and Sarah McComas




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Children of 0-1-3 John Plymale and Rebecca Ferguson
married December 19th, 1819

  born died married:
0-1-3-1 Bethia 1-10-1822 7-6-1897 William Grant 4-12-1838
0-1-3-2 Anthony Wayne 6-10-1823 12-28-1889 1st.   Permelia Chadwick
2nd. Malinda Swanson Forbes
0-1-3-3 Josephine 11-5-1824 11-10-1874 Joseph Blaine Malcolm 4-21-1842
0-1-3-4 Rebecca 10-2-1826 2-24-1892 John Bromley in July 1844
0-1-3-5 Clarinda about 1827 1850's in California ___?____ Vaughan

Children of 0-1-3 John Plymale and    ?      ?     

  born died married:
0-1-3-5 Emmasetta* 12-29-1830 12-25-1903 1st.   John Porter
2nd.  James W. Brown

*Technically, Emmasetta was of course the 6th child of 0-1-3 John Plymale (there's obviously no such thing as a half-child!). However, to preserve the numbering sequence that has been used for many years in regards to his next fourteen children, I opted to give her the 1/2 designation.

Children of 0-1-3 John Plymale and Lourana McComas Shelton
married September 1st, 1833

  born died married:
0-1-3-6 Virginia S. 7-22-1834 11-14-1894 William Ferguson
0-1-3-7 Napolean 9-12-1835 1837 died young  (buried in the 0-1-3 John Plymale Cemetery)
0-1-3-8 John Butler 1837 1902 Cynthia (Sally) Moore
0-1-3-9 Anne 1839 1905 James Ferguson 4-11-1861
0-1-3-10 Guy I 12-18-1840 1-22-1913 1st.   Martha McKeand
2nd. Addie Yates
0-1-3-11 Octavian Cromwell I 11-15-1842 6-25-1920 Marietta Perdue
0-1-3-12 Indiana 1845 1914 Rev. William Billups   6-21-1868
0-1-3-13 Francis Marion I 1846 12-7-1907 Mary Elizabeth Burge 10-6-1881
0-1-3-14 Hugh I 3-1-1848 4-13-1925 Sarah Drusilla Drown
0-1-3-15 Millard Fillmore 7-23-1851 10-17-1882 Elizabeth Ann McComas 1-10-1874
0-1-3-16 Lourana 6-22-1852 5-19-1866 died young   (buried in the 0-1-3 John Plymale Cemetery)
0-1-3-17 Sarah (Sack) 12-14-1854 1934 St. Clair Roberts
0-1-3-18 Mary (Polly) 5-12-1857 5-6-1949 Robert Roberts
0-1-3-19 Jefferson Davis 11-7-1860 7-13-1938          Alice Burge (unmarried)
1st.   Pauline Wilcox in 1880
2nd. Henritta (Nettie) Hensley 11-17-1887

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