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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-3-9 Anne Plymale

BORN:(1839)   DIED:(1905)   BURIED:( Ferguson Cemetery )
Home State:( West Virginia )

0-1-3-9 Anne Plymale was born in 1839.  She married James Ferguson on April 11th, 1861.  He was the son of Jamison and Mary (Polly) Ferguson.  They lived on a farm a few miles from Fort Gay, West Virginia on the road leading from Fort Gay to Echo, WV. 

Anne was a large lady, weighing some 300 pounds or more.  During the 1890's they would  visit her mother, Lourana McComas Shelton Plymale who lived on the 0-1-3 John Plymale plantation.  Anne, being so large, rode in a buckboard buggy and her husband James would ride  in front on horseback.  This trip was some thirty miles long.   At one time they owned a two-seated Surry which they used when they went to church or visited their parents.  They are buried in the Ferguson cemetery, a few miles north of Fort Gay, on the east side of the Wayne-Fort Gay road.

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0-1-3-9 Anne Plymale


James Ferguson



MARRIED 4-11-1861



Jamison and Mary (Polly) Ferguson

Children of 0-1-3-9 Anne Plymale and James Ferguson

  born died married:
0-1-3-9-1 Belle Ferguson 8-7-1862 3-1-1942 Benton Loar(1857-1944)
0-1-3-9-2 John Plymale Ferguson 1863 1932 Stella Chapman (no children)
0-1-3-9-3 Virginia Stanpole Ferguson 11-22-1866 1936 James Frazier (buried in the Ferguson cemetery)
0-1-3-9-4 Lena Ferguson ? ? Dr. Sipel Porter

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