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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-3-4 Rebecca Plymale

BORN:(10-2-1826)   DIED:(2-24-1892)   BURIED:( in Fort Gay, WV )
Home State:( West Virginia )

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0-1-3-4 Rebecca Plymale
and John Bromley

0-1-3-4 Rebecca Plymale was born on October 2nd, 1826 on a farm on Twelvepole Creek, Ceredo district of Wayne county, West Virginia. 

She married John Bromley in July of 1844.  He was born October 10th, 1814.   His parents were William(1782-1865) and Mary Short Bromley(1765-1870).  He was the grandson of Thomas Bromley, a soldier in the French and Indian, and Revolutionary Wars.  The Bromley family came from England.

John Bromley was a farmer and timber man who at one time owned some 4,000 acres of land.  They lived in a large brick house in Fort Gay, West Virginia across the N & W Railway from the Big Sandy River bridge.

0-1-3-4 Rebecca died on February 24th, 1892.  John died on February 12th, 1900.   They are buried in a cemetery near Fort Gay.


John Bromley



MARRIED July 1844

FROM England


William Bromley
and Mary Short

Children of 0-1-3-4 Rebecca Plymale and John Bromley
married in July 1844

  born died married:
0-1-3-4-1 Mary (Molly) Bromley 1845 1910 Thomas D. Marcum (1840-1921)
0-1-3-4-2 Josephine Bromley 1847 ? Vatto (Dock) Vinson
0-1-3-4-3 Lourana (Cup) Bromley 1849 ? 1st.  James Marcum
2nd. Frank Welch
0-1-3-4-4 William Bromley 1851 8-23-1855 ?
0-1-3-4-5 John Plymale Bromley 1853 1910 1st.   Josephine Vinson
2nd. Emma Ferguson
0-1-3-4-6 Virginia Bromley ? ? Leo Frank
0-1-3-4-7 Rebecca Bromley 1857 9-19-1933 1st.   Muss Smuckers
2nd. William Frazier
0-1-3-4-8 James Bromley 1858 5-17-1865 ?
0-1-3-4-9 Samuel Bromley 7-8-1860 9-10-1931 Belle Walker
0-1-3-4-10 Elizabeth Bromley ? ? William P. Wray
0-1-3-4-11 William C. Bromley 4-7-1867 1930 Pearl Hanley
0-1-3-4-12 Anthony Wayne Bromley 1869 ? Mary York (1874-1947) was a doctor in Louisa, KY

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