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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-3-3 Josephine

BORN:(11-5-1824)   DIED:(11-10-1874)   BURIED:( 0-1-3 John Plymale Cemetery )
Home State:( West Virginia )

0-1-3-3 Josephine Plymale was born in Cabell County, Virginia (now Wayne county, West Virginia), on November 5th, 1824.  She was the first woman to marry in Wayne County after it was organized in 1842.  She married Joseph Blaine Malcolm on April 21st, 1842.  He was born on March 4th, 1810.

Her father 0-1-3 John Plymale, gave them 175 acres on Buffalo Creek where they built a log house.  Here they raised a family of six children. 

Josephine died November 10th, 1874.  Joseph Blaine Malcolm died March 14th, 1876.   They are both buried in the 0-1-3 John Plymale cemetery.

After their deaths, their son 0-1-3-3-2 Joseph Ryan Malcolm took over the old farm and lived there all his life raising his own family of eight children.  When he died in 1917, his son Edward Malcolm took over the home and lived there until his death in 1956.

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0-1-3-3 Josephine Plymale
and Joseph Blaine Malcolm



Joseph Blaine Malcolm



MARRIED 4-21-1842





Children of 0-1-3-3 Josephine Plymale and Joseph Blaine Malcolm

  born died married:
0-1-3-3-1 John Plymale Malcolm 5-28-1843 5-25-1916 (0-1-6-9) Rebecca Plymale
0-1-3-3-2 Joseph Ryan Malcolm 6-14-1845 2-11-1917 Sophia Sprecker
0-1-3-3-3 Rebecca J. Malcolm 9-30-1847 11-12-1877 William (Billy) Maloney
0-1-3-3-4 Caswell C. Malcolm 6-8-1851 ? Loma Arnold
0-1-3-3-5 Mary Ann Malcolm 8-8-1853 1-12-1861 died young
0-1-3-3-6 Pamelia Victoria Malcolm 7-18-1862 1-11-1938 0-1-3-5-6 William Worth Porter in 1878

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