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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-3-1 Bethia Plymale

BORN:(1-10-1822)   DIED:(7-6-1897)   BURIED:( Church Cemetery )
Home State:( Ohio )

0-1-3-1 Bethia Plymale was born January 10th, 1822.  She was the first Plymale born west of the Allegheny Mountains.  Her mother died when Bethia was between six and seven years old.  She went to visit her uncle 0-1-13 Hugh Plymale, who lived in Yellowtown(now Thivener), Ohio when she was 16 years old.   While on this visit, she met William Harrison Grant, fell in love with him and ran away with him and got married.  They started housekeeping in South Webster, Ohio where they remained all their lives, and are buried in the Church Cemetery in South Webster.   Her father was very angry when he found out of their marriage and forbid her to come home.  He apparently forgave her eventually because later he sent one of his slaves to help take care of one of her children who was an invalid.  Bethia sent the slave back to her father as slaves were not permitted in Ohio.

She was a good wife and mother, bearing 13 children, ten being raised to adulthood and three dying young.  She was a good housekeeper, thrifty and industrious.  She and her husband gave their children a good education.  Two of the girls were school teachers, one teaching for 40 years after her marriage. She taught her daughters to be good housekeepers, good cooks and she was very critical of their suitors, making sure they were industrious, eligible men.  She was famous as a good cook and operated a boarding house in her dining room.  One of her daughters, who was crippled, was taught dressmaking so she could be self-supporting.  Bethia's only son John, was given a medical degree from the best school in Cincinnati, Ohio at that time.  It must have afforded her great satisfaction that he moved to Wayne County, West Virginia and set up his practice among her people.  She was a very proud lady, very neat, attractive, slender and always well groomed.  She died July 6th, 1897 at the age of 75 years, 5 months and 26 days.  Her husband William Harrison Grant, was born May 12th, 1814 and died August 4th, 1894 at the age of 80 years, 2 months and 18 days.

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0-1-3-1 Bethia Plymale


William Harrison Grant






David Grant and Mary Boggs
from Gallia County, Ohio

Children of 0-1-3-1 Bethia Plymale and William Grant

  born died married:
0-1-3-1-1 Rebecca Grant 5-30-1839 1-15-1915 Abraham Hanes of South Webster, Ohio
0-1-3-1-2 Mary J. Grant 10-29-1841 8-9-1910 unmarried
0-1-3-1-3 Lourana Grant  (click here for photo) 12-28-1843 3-13-1915 Louis Stout of Ripley, West Virginia
0-1-3-1-4 Josephine  Grant 2-4-1846 7-20-1925 Levi Allen of South Webster, Ohio
0-1-3-1-5 B. A. Grant 5-4-1848 6-23-1851 died young
0-1-3-1-6 John Plymale Grant   (click here for photo) 11-22-1850 8-6-1923 1st.   (0-1-3-2-7) Sarah Josephine Plymale
2nd. Nancy Artrip  (click here for photo)
0-1-3-1-7 Sarah Grant 3-20-1853 3-17-1915 Louis Parsons of South Webster, Ohio
0-1-3-1-8 Pamelia Margaret Grant 5-6-1856 6-23-1924 Abraham Johnson 10-3-1875
0-1-3-1-9 Harriett J. Grant 9-20-1858 9-27-1896 John Gunn 4-14-1890
0-1-3-1-10 Samuel Grant ? ? ?
0-1-3-1-11 Ruth Grant ? ? ?
0-1-3-1-12 Virginia B. Grant 1-9-1862 twins 7-6-1862 died in infancy
0-1-3-1-13 Nancy E. Grant 1-9-1862 twins died young died young

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