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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-3-18 Mary (Aunt Polly) Plymale

BORN:(5-14-1858)   DIED:(5-6-1949)   BURIED:( Catlettsburg )
Home State:( Kentucky / West Virginia )

0-1-3-18 Mary (Aunt Polly) Plymale was born on her father's plantation on Twelvepole Creek in Wayne county, West Virginia on May 14th, 1858.  She married Robert Roberts on July 26th, 1878.  He was born in 1857.  His brother St. Clair married Mary (Aunt Polly)'s sister Sarah.

They lived in Webville, Kentucky for several years.  Robert Roberts owned and operated a federal distillery for many years before the days of prohibition.  Later, they moved to Williamson, West Virginia where they lived for several years. 

Robert Roberts died in 1914 and is buried in a cemetery in Williamson, West Virginia.

Mary or "Aunt Polly" as everyone knew her in her later years, moved to Catlettsburg, Kentucky where she lived with her son 0-1-3-18-2 John until his death in 1939.  She then moved in with one of her daughters where she lived until her death on May 6th, 1949.  She is buried in the Catlettsburg cemetery.

"Mary (Aunt Polly) smoked a clay pipe as many older women did in those days.  She also made some of the best blackberry wine available."    0-1-3-11-1-4 John Fred Plymale

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0-1-3-18 Mary (Aunt Polly) Plymale


Robert Roberts



MARRIED 7-26-1878




Children of 0-1-3-18 Mary ( Aunt Polly ) Plymale and Robert Roberts
married July 26th, 1878

  born died married:
0-1-3-18-1 Dove S. Roberts 5-5-1879 7-27-1920 John Austin 5-15-1904 in Williamson, WV
0-1-3-18-2 John B. Roberts 12-1-1880 3-19-1939 never married
0-1-3-18-3 Daisy Roberts 11-10-1883 12-24-1969 Elliott McCoy 1-25-1905
0-1-3-18-4 Inez F. Roberts 10-3-1885 4-20-1966 Charles Wingo 5-15-1915
0-1-3-18-5 Norman Roberts 11-28-1891 ? Lurana Plymale 7-4-1924

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