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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-3-17 Sarah (Aunt Sack) Plymale

BORN:(12-14-1853)  DIED:(8-11-1934)  BURIED:( 0-1-3 John Plymale Cemetery )
Home State:( West Virginia )

0-1-3-17 Sarah (Aunt Sack) Plymale was born on December 14th, 1853 on her father's farm on Twelvepole Creek in Wayne County, West Virginia.  She was probably named after her father's old colored slave Sarah Ann, who did the cooking and taking care of the children. 

In August of 1871 Sarah married St. Clair Roberts in Ironton, Ohio.  He was born in October of 1852.  His brother Robert married Sarah's sister Mary (Polly). 

St. Clair (or "Sink" as he was sometimes known) died July 12th, 1912.    0-1-3-17 Sarah (Aunt Sack) Plymale died on August 11th, 1934 while living with her daughter Florence Plymale Smith.  They are both buried in the 0-1-3 John Plymale cemetery.

"Sarah (Aunt Sack) smoked a clay pipe as many older women did in those days.  She usually carried a twist of homemade tobacco in her apron pocket.  She also made some of the best blackberry wine available."   

"St. Clair once traded a cow to 0-1-3-11 Octavian Plymale for four acres of land in order to build a house on it.  The cow died the next day and that was the end of their brotherly (in-law) love and friendship.   This piece of land was on Plymale's Branch, and remained their home until St. Clair died.  It was then sold by his wife to a Mr. White who was a U.S. Senator that used it for a summer home."

-0-1-3-11-1-4 John Fred Plymale

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0-1-3-17 Sarah (Aunt Sack) Plymale


St. Clair Roberts

Oct. 1852


MARRIED August 1871




Children of 0-1-3-17 Sarah ( Aunt Sack ) Plymale and St. Clair Roberts

  born died married:
0-1-3-17-1 Florence Plymale Roberts 7-12-1872 3-25-1933 Sam Dock Smith 7-25-1895
0-1-3-17-2 Mollie Plymale Roberts 10-24-1874 10-29-1913 Dr. Richard Hardwick in 1902

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