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0-1-3-11 Octavian Cromwell Plymale I

BORN:(11-15-1842)   DIED:(6-25-1920)   BURIED:( Spring Hill )
Home State:( West Virginia )

0-1-3-11 Octavian Cromwell Plymale I was born on a farm on Twelvepole Creek, one mile above the mouth of Buffalo Creek, in Wayne County, West Virginia on November 15th, 1842.   Here on this farm he lived with his parents until the war between the States broke out.  As his father was a slave holder, he and his younger brother, 0-1-3-13 Francis Marion, joined with the South.  In 1861 or 1862, they joined the 15th Cavalry and served under Col. Milton Ferguson.  Octavian Cromwell Plymale I served under General Lee at the battle of Gettysburg as a courier, and stated that he saw General Lee cry when he ordered a retreat.  A short time after this battle, Octavian and his brother, Francis Marion Plymale were taken prisoners.   One was taken to Columbus, Ohio and the other to a prison camp in Maryland.  The Yanks nearly starved them to death.   Octavian told his grandson 0-1-3-11-1-4 John Fred Plymale, that they ate parched corn and would catch rats and roast them over an open fire and eat them!  When he was released from the prison camp, Octavian only weighed 100 pounds and his brother weighed 85 pounds.

In 1868, Octavian Cromwell Plymale I and Marietta Perdue were married in Catlettsburg, Kentucky (recorded in book 3A, page 146).  They went to housekeeping on a farm between Shoals and Buffalo Valley church.   Later they built a house on Plymale's Branch on the 109 acre farm he inherited from his father.  Here they lived until 1906, when they built a house in West Huntington, West Virginia where they resided until his death on June 25th, 1920.  He was a farmer, carpenter and stone mason, spending most of his life building bridges and houses.

Click Below to read the words of Octavian Cromwell Plymale as he recounts some Civil War experiences.


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of 0-1-3-11 Octavian Cromwell Plymale
and his family


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The Old Haynie School House (about 1888)

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0-1-3-11 Octavian Cromwell Plymale I


Marietta Perdue







Children of 0-1-3-11 Octavian Cromwell Plymale I and Marietta Perdue

  born died married:
0-1-3-11-1 John M.M. 4-2-1870 12-10-1952 Myrtle Belle Warnock
0-1-3-11-2 Belle 3-29-1872 1-31-1957 1st.   Frank Shuff 4-8-1899
2nd.  ____?____ Johnson
3rd.  Charlie Dyre
0-1-3-11-3 James C. Harvey 8-21-1874 4-26-1962 Verney Casey (1879-1924)
0-1-3-11-4 Sylvester G. 4-15-1876 1-27-1939 1st.   Fannie Spears in 1902
2nd.  Iva Brown
3ed.  Murel Perdue
0-1-3-11-5 Cora G. 8-28-1877 3-20-1905 Henry Bolt 12-20-1898
0-1-3-11-6 William 6-11-1880 1945 Irene Ditton
0-1-3-11-7 Ada 7-28-1882 6-25-1968 1st.   Dave Taylor
2nd.  Elbert L. Richardson

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