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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-2 Theodosia Plymale

BORN:(about 1792 or 1793)   DIED:(about 1841)   BURIED:(?)
Home State:( Virginia / Ohio )

0-1-2 Theodosia Plymale was born in Giles County, Virginia about 1792 or 1793.  She married Thomas Rowe on August 25th, 1809 (recorded in the Giles County Courthouse in Pearisburg, VA. in the old marriage book page 23).  Thomas Rowe's brother Joseph was married to Theodosia's sister Elizabeth.  The two families lived on adjoining farms in Giles County.  Theodosia and Thomas left Giles County about 1827 and moved to Ohio near her brother 0-1-13 Hugh, and her father 0-1 Anthony.  Theodosia died in Gallia County, Ohio shortly after their youngest son Uriah was born (about 1841).  After her death, Thomas Rowe moved to Wayne County, VA (West, Virginia) where he remained until his death.

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Thomas Rowe



MARRIED 8-25-1809




Children of 0-1-2 Theodosia Plymale and Thomas Rowe

  born died married:
0-1-2-1 Neal Rowe about 1811 in Giles Co. Virginia ? ?
0-1-2-2 William Rowe about 1813 in Giles Co. Virginia ? ?
0-1-2-3 Elizabeth Rowe about 1829 in Ohio ? ?
0-1-2-4 Sarah Rowe about 1830 in Ohio ? ?
0-1-2-5 Emeline Rowe about 1832 in Ohio ? ?
0-1-2-6 Uriah Rowe (click here for photo) about 1841 in Ohio ? ?

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