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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-13 Hugh Plymale I

BORN:(12-6-1807)   DIED:(9-18-1878)    BURIED:( 0-1-13 Hugh Plymale Cemetery )
Home State:( Virginia / Ohio )

0-1-13 Hugh Plymale I , the youngest of thirteen children, was born on a farm about 25 miles from the Giles County seat of Pearisburg, Virginia on December 6, 1807.   Here he lived with his father 0-1 Anthony, and stepmother, Ann Criner.  

About 182O, his parents sold a part of their farm for $500.00 and in a two horse covered wagon, they emigrated to Gallia County, Ohio, deserting the old homestead in Virginia, which was approximately 2300 acres of mountain land.  (This land was later sold by the State of Virginia for delinquent 1832 and 1833 taxes to a man by the name of John Pepper for 53.)

On their arrival in Gallia County, they purchased a small farm on Raccoon Creek, near Yellowtown (now Thivener), Ohio, some five miles from Gallipolis.  At this time 0-1-13 Hugh Plymale was still only about 13 years old, and what little education he received was from a one room log school house at Mercerville some five miles from his home.  The lack of an education did not keep him from being prosperous, as the records show he owned some 3,000 acres of land at his death.

On May 5, 1827, Hugh Plymale I was united in marriage with Catherine Cottrell.  They were the parents of eleven children.  Catherine Cottrell was born August 16, 1810 and died September 3rd, 1852.

On September 21, 1854, Hugh Plymale married Rebecca Stevers (Steber), daughter of George Stevers of Harrison township, Gallia County, Ohio.  Rebecca Stevers was born 1818 and died in 1915. They were the parents of five children.  Hugh Plymale I went into the milling business about 1856 with a small grist mill powered by water from a dam across Raccoon Creek.  He later enlarged the mill into a roller process mill and with the help of two of his sons, 0-1-13-10 Hugh (II) Jr. and 0-1-13-7 Junius Plymale, operated it until he bought the old Pirate Farm which was located on the Ohio River some three miles below Gallipolis.  

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He eventually turned the mill over to Hugh (II) Jr. and Junius, and spent the remainder of his life as a farmer on the Ohio River farm.

In the fall of 1878, the tugboat "John Porter" from the south had an epidemic of yellow fever, and tied up to the shore at Hugh (I)'s farm.  During this tie up, Hugh Plymale I, his daughter 0-1-13-11 Lourana and her husband, Claudis Brothers, caught the fever.   On September 18, 1878 Hugh Plymale I died, and is buried on the old farm on a hill overlooking the Ohio River.  His daughter and son-in-law died the same month and are buried close to him. There were 35 people who died from this epidemic, and are recorded in the "French Five Hundred"

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0-1-13 Hugh Plymale I and Catherine Cottrell


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Catherine Cottrell



MARRIED 5-5-1827



Edward Cottrell  and Rhoda Langford


Rebecca Stevers (Steber)



MARRIED 9-21-1854

Gallia County, Ohio


George Stevers


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Hugh Plymale's grand-daughters linkblank.GIF (3030 bytes)

Children of 0-1-13 Hugh Plymale I and Catherine Cottrell

  born died married:
0-1-13-1 Roda 12-16-1827 6-6-1889 John Martindale in 1846
0-1-13-2 Elizabeth 12-18-1829 6-30-1871 Cornelius Berridge (1824-1907)
0-1-13-3 Bethier 2-6-1832 1-8-1847 died at age 15
0-1-13-4 Theodosia 1-21-1834 6-20-1914 Jesse Halley (1828-1904)
0-1-13-5 Mary Catherine 12-27-1837 5-6-1914 1st.   Robert Irion 4-27-1854
2nd. Andrew Hardway 11-6-1868
0-1-13-6 Isaac 5-15-1840 10-11-1840 died in infancy
0-1-13-7 Junius 8-3-1841 12-16-1907 Susanna Gilbert
0-1-13-8 Louise 10-10-1843 9-3-1932 Thomas Bay 10-25-1863
0-1-13-9 Missouri 12-24-1846 12-28-1908 William Craft
0-1-13-10 Hugh (II) Jr. 3-29-1849 3-12-1920 Mary Gilbert  10-4-1865
0-1-13-11 Lourana 4-17-1852 9-11-1878 Claudis Brothers

Children of 0-1-13 Hugh Plymale I and Rebecca Evelyn Stevers (Steber)

  born died married:
0-1-13-12 John Anthony 12-21-1855 1-10-1911 Eugenia Rucker
0-1-13-13 (Infant) not named 7-20-1857 1857 died in infancy
0-1-13-14 James Alfred 6-17-1858 1928 1st.   Julia Francis Kinder (1857-1909)
2nd.  Viola Blake
0-1-13-15 Anslem Eugene 12-29-1860 10-10-1935 1st.   Laura Martin 4-8-1879
2nd. Lesta Wooten 11-4-1888
3rd. Edna Parsons Mitchell
0-1-13-16 George E. 7-30-1862 8-20-1862 died in infancy

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