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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-13-7 Junius Plymale

BORN:(8-3-1841)   DIED:(12-16-1907)   BURIED:( St. Nicholas )
Home State:( Ohio )

0-1-13-7 Junius Plymale was born on August 3, 1841 in Yellowtown (now Thivener) Ohio.    He married Susan Gilbert on December 22, 1872.  Susan Gilbert was the sister of 0-1-13-10 Hugh Jr.'s wife Mary.   Susan Gilbert  was born September 23, 1850.

Junius and his brother Hugh Jr. were farmers, but they also ran a  store and a grist mill. They had the first roller grist mill in the area, which operated for over 50 years powered by water which was furnished by a dam across Raccoon Creek at Yellowtown, Ohio. 

Click HERE to see the mill.

Junius stayed with his father the whole time he was ill with yellow fever, but didn't a catch it himself.

Junius was a Union soldier in the a War between the States, and was wounded in the hip in the Battle of the Wilderness.  He was captured by Confederate soldiers and thrown into prison.  His father got him out of prison and into a hospital probably saving his life.  The wound in his hip never healed like it should, which left him with a limp, and may have shortened his life. 

Junius died December 16, 1907, and his wife Susan died June 5, 1940.  They are both buried in the St. Nicholas Cemetery on a hill near where he was born and raised.

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0-1-13-7 Junius Plymale
and Susan Gilbert



Susan Gilbert



MARRIED 12-22-1872





Children of 0-1-13-7 Junius Plymale and Susan Gilbert
married December 22nd, 1872

  born died married:
0-1-13-7-1 Emma F. 11-20-1873 12-7-1877 died young
0-1-13-7-2 Naomi   (click here for photo) 10-27-1875 6-17-1957 unmarried (was night supervisor at the O.H.E. in Gallipolis, Ohio)
0-1-13-7-3 Anna E. 3-17-1878 3-13-1949 Charlie King
0-1-13-7-4 Theodora E. 8-5-1880 6-8-1974 Odle Frownfelter  6-9-1900 
0-1-13-7-5 Leslie 3-4-1883 3-21-1883 died in infancy
0-1-13-7-6 Thomas 3-24-1884 6-14-1931 never married.  was killed in Montana
0-1-13-7-7 Glenn 4-21-1887 Feb. 1971 Emma Bryan
0-1-13-7-8 Clara M. 1-27-1890 1-28-1953 Clyde Smith 1-27-1909
0-1-13-7-9 Beatrice E. 5-31-1893 ? Wyman Porter 9-12-1912

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