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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-13-11 Lourana (Rana) Plymale

BORN:(4-17-1852)   DIED:(9-11-1878)   BURIED:(?)
Home State:( Ohio )

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0-1-13-11 Lourana Plymale and Claudis Brothers

0-1-13-11 Lourana (Rana) Plymale was born on April 17th, 1852.  She married Claudis Brothers on April 17th, 1873.  They both died in the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878.


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Claudis Brothers



MARRIED 4-17-1873




Children of 0-1-13-11 Lourana (Rana) Plymale and Claudis Brothers

. born died married:
0-1-13-11-1 John Brothers* 12-23-1875 2-1-1954 Hattie Lowe 2-15-1906
0-1-13-11-2 Winnie Brothers ? ? Ruby Boster 
0-1-13-11-3 Zella Brothers 1878 ? Owen Cottrell (they moved to Cleveland, Ohio )

*John Brothers ran away from home some where between the age of 10 to 14.  He joined the army during the Spanish American war.  After John got out of the army he went to Black Bear, Idaho where he worked in the mines and married Hattie Lowe on February 15th, 1906.  John and Hattie had 4 Children: Olga, Willis, Earl ,and Herald.  Olga and Earl died at birth.  Black Bear was destroyed in a mudslide and after that John and family moved to North Port, Washington where he got the job of Sheriff. The local newspaper ran a story about a stray dog that wandered in to town causing trouble and was shot by Sheriff John Brothers.   Other than that North Port was fairly quiet until one night a truck driver got drunk and out of control and when John told him to leave town the guy rudely refused and a fight started.  The truck driver was thrown off the balcony of Kuk’s tavern.   Apparently that’s when the town told John they wanted a kinder sheriff and   that this is not Dodge City and we don’t need a Bill Hickok for sheriff.

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0-1-13-11-1 John Brothers (on right)

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