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The Plymale Family In America

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0-1-13-10 Hugh Plymale II

BORN:(3-29-1849)   DIED:(3-12-1920)   BURIED:( St. Nicholas )
Home State:( Ohio )

Hugh Plymale II,  was born March 29, 1849 at Yellowtown (now Thivener), Ohio.   He was a farmer and miller, operating a grist mill with his brother, 0-1-13-7 Junis Plymale, which their father had built about 1856.  This mill was operated by water power which was furnished by a dam across Raccoon Creek at Yellowtown.   On October 4, 1865, Hugh Plymale was united in marriage with Mary Gilbert, who was a sister to Junis's wife.  Mary Gilbert was born May 28, 1848 and died February 2nd, 1927. They were the parents of eleven children. Their home and residence was at Yellowtown, Ohio on Raccoon Creek, by the old mill. Here they lived most of their married life until he had a stroke and was forced to retire.  The last few years of his life, he resided with his daughter, 0-1-13-10-8 Elma (Mrs. Chauncy Porter) of Gallipolis, Ohio. He died March 12, 1920 and is buried in the St. Nicholas Cemetery which is on top of a hill by a log church house, and has a beautiful view in all directions and overlooks Raccoon Creek and the old mill.



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Click here to see a photo of
0-1-13-10 Hugh Plymale II and Mary Gilbert
at their 50th wedding anniversary in 1915

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0-1-13-10 Hugh Plymale II


Mary Gilbert



MARRIED 10-4-1865




Children of 0-1-13-10 Hugh Plymale II and Mary Gilbert
married October 4th, 1865

  born died married:
0-1-13-10-1 Alta 7-28-1869 6-3-1933 Edgar Porter
0-1-13-10-2 James Alfred June 1871 November 1871 died in infancy
0-1-13-10-3 William Ezra 8-28-1872 8-26-1939 Belle Bane
0-1-13-10-4 Oscar 1-21-1875 5-30-1917 1st.  Myrtie Perkins
2nd. Mary Belvile
0-1-13-10-5 John Gilbert ( Bert ) 5-17-1878 9-27-1966 Olive Keene 4-10-1910
0-1-13-10-6 Hugh Curtis 9-17-1880 7-19-1955 Myrtle Keene 4-20-1910
0-1-13-10-7 Morgan Elmer 1-5-1883 8-2-1947 Anna Northrup (no children)
0-1-13-10-8 Elma 3-10-1885 4-6-1975 Chauncey Clay Porter 12-18-1904
0-1-13-10-9 Della 1-23-1888 October 1943 Floyd Boster
0-1-13-10-10 Rebecca ( Mary ) 1-13-1891 4-15-1961 Eddie Steger
0-1-13-10-11 Stanley 1892 ? died in infancy

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