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0-1-13-10-5 John Gilbert (Bert) Plymale

BORN:(5-17-1878)   DIED:(9-27-1966)   BURIED:(?)
Home State:( Ohio / Montana )

0-1-13-10-5 John Gilbert Plymale was born on May 17th, 1878 in Yellowtown (now Thivener), Ohio.  His early years of schooling were at the Yellowtown school.  Later, he attended one year at the Gallia Academy at Gallipolis. 

At the age of ten, he bought his first two calves and broke them for the cart and for plowing.  He also worked in his father and Uncle's (0-1-13-10 Hugh II and 0-1-13-7 Junius) store and flower mill when young.  He worked the  oxen and mules, hauling coal for the engine used at the mill when there wasn't enough water to run it by water power.

In 1899 when he was 20, he decided to move west because of ill health.  He left Easter Sunday, April 3 for Canton, Montana, and arrived on April 7.

From 1899 to 1904 he worked for Harvey Keene, Jeff Doggett and Ed Anglen.

In 1904, he bought his first place, the 320 acre McGonial ranch and his brother 0-1-13-10-6 Hugh Curtis, moved from Ohio and stayed with him.  In 1906 or 1907, he began buying cattle for $12-50 per head.

On April 10, 1910 he married Olive Keene, and his brother 0-1-13-10-6 Hugh Curtis, married Olive's sister, Myrtle Keene. 

In 1912, he took up a homestead, and 0-1-13-7-7 Glen Plymale and Bill Parker built his house in the hills.  In 1917, he purchased the 750 acre Richardson and Roberts ranch.   In 1920, he bought his first sheep and ran as many as 3,000 head at one time until 1952 when he disposed of them.  He has said that it was sheep that he made his money on.  In 1954, he turned the ranch over to his four sons.   At one time, he owned 28 sections (17,920 acres) of land. 

In 1957 they built a new home on the Roberts track.  The following year his wife Olive Keene died, six days before his 80th. birthday.

He died September 27, 1966.

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0-1-13-10-5 John Gilbert Plymale
and Olive Keene



Olive Keene



MARRIED 4-10-1910






Click HERE for a photo of the
40th Wedding Anniversary of
John Gilbert "Bert" Plymale and his
brother Hugh Curtis Plymale

Children of 0-1-13-10-5 John Gilbert (Bert) Plymale and Olive Keene

. born died married:
0-1-13-10-5-1 Wayne Keene 3-1-1911 ? Louise Moore 12-22-1956
0-1-13-10-5-2 Mary Inez 7-30-1912 ? George Walter Shaw 3-23-1938
0-1-13-10-5-3 Ava Lorea 10-13-1914 ? Gerald Leroy Madren 10-13-1937
0-1-13-10-5-4 Audrey Myrtle 4-28-1916 ? Umbert Carl Quist 11-23-1950
0-1-13-10-5-5 Hubert Adrian 10-3-1918 ? Edna Ann Muncy Sellar 3-4-1954   ( live in Townsend, Montana )
0-1-13-10-5-6 Laird Leroy 7-4-1920 ? Eva Pauline Quist 9-12-1942
0-1-13-10-5-7 Frederick Eugene 6-1-1923 ? Avlene Eveland Cottingham 1-1-1948
0-1-13-10-5-8 Doris Madeline 1-26-1925 ? Kenneth D. Shearer 6-7-1947

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