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I hope that this Web Site is proving to be a fun and valuable resource for you and your family to use as you research your own family's history.  One of the most important goals for me in designing this site has been the desire to make these resources available to everyone interested for absolutely no cost.  I am attempting to remove all barriers that might cause some people to be unwilling or unable to contribute their own Plymale Family knowledge, as well as prevent them from accessing this resource for their own genealogical research.

Currently this web site is costing me personally as follows:

Web-Hosting account with Mindspring @ $14.95 per month.

Registration of the domain name with Inter-Nic @ $100 per two years

With a total yearly cost to me of $279.40.

The time I have invested in researching and building this site is of course not quantifiable, but frankly I gladly provide it for free because I consider this work a hobby and am happy to share all that I have learned.

My point to all of this is simple:

I am unlikely to be able or willing to indefinitely finance the existence of this site! I have decided to initially post this site using my own resources and pay for it from my own pocket for at least six months to a year. I am hoping that other Plymales or Plymale Family Reunion Groups would consider donating a small amount of money to help keep this site in existence. So far, with 25 megs of storage space this site is only costing $349.40 to keep alive per year. It's really not that much money but it is just a bit more than I can realistically take on by myself indefinitely.

If you or your group would like to make a donation to this Web-Site or if you are considering
becoming a Sponsor please contact me by clicking on the link below:

John Alan Plymale

Click here to contact me!

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