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The Plymale Family In America
Statement Of Purpose

My name is John Alan Plymale and I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  I have decided to take on the challenge of constructing a Plymale Family Web Page.  The goal is to create an invaluable resource for those people, like myself, who are interested and intrigued by the history of their ancestors.  I am attempting to build a comprehensive listing of practically every known Plymale in America.  This is of course an incredibly monumental task!  Anyone and everyone is encouraged to correspond with me and together we may someday come close to actually achieving this goal.

A very large part of this information was compiled in the 1960's by a John Fred Plymale, and in the 1930's by his father John M. M. Plymale, both of the Huntington, West Virginia area.  Without their incredibly thorough work, I don't think I could even begin to take on this task.  John Fred Plymale compiled a book (and two supplements)* that is the basis for this web page.  I am attempting to update and continue his work, as well as present this incredibly large amount of information in a somewhat more user-friendly fashion.  I think the internet may truly be the ideal way to do this because potentially the entire world has access to the information posted here; It's available 24 hours; It's continually updateable; and best of all it's FREE!

*Also helping to create the two supplements were Birdie Jewel (Plymale) Shingleton; Edward Lewis Plymale; and Virginia M. Carey.

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