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The Plymale Family In America

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Special Thanks to the following people who have made donations to this web-site:
Ernest Tucker
Craig and Donna Gail Michel
Shearl Plymale and the 
Wayne County, WV Plymale Family Reunion
0-1-1-1-1-3-8-1 Lois Margaret Plymale
0-1-4-4-1-4-2 Donna Lee Plymale Vaughan
0-1-4-6-2-10-2 Paul Joseph Plymale and his mother Marjorie Plymale
0-1-6-6-10-2 Richard Allen Plymale
0-1-6-6-10-3 John Franklin Plymale
0-1-6-10-18-4-2 Michele Marie Plymale
0-1-6-12-8-4-1 Jon Plymale
0-1-13-10-8-1-1 Harold Curtis Porter
0-1-13-10-8-1-4 Chauncey William Porter
Guy and Mary Plymale

Robert N. and Dorothy L. Malcolm
Shirley Erickson
and a special thanks to
Morris Eldon Plymale Jr. and family
who I'm still trying to fit into the family tree
and anyone else I may have forgotten!!!!


This Web Site is brought to you by the following sponsors:

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Gunpowder Cove Pottery

John F. Plymale
Hickory, North Carolina

The Wayne County, West Virginia Plymale Family Reunion Committee would also like to give a special thanks to Tommy Blanton from Tompken Hosiery Mills for his donations of merchandise to help raise money at the 2000 reunion.  Special thanks also goes to Scott Hines from Sign Systems Inc. for the special banner!

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