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European Roots

An important step in creating an accurate and complete Family Genealogy will be to track down more detailed and concrete information as to where the first Plymale brothers actually came from and when.  This is certainly a daunting task!   I can use all the help from you that I can get in researching the Plymale family name back to it's European Roots.

bulletDid the first two Plymale brothers really come from France?
bulletAnd if not, then where did they come from?
bulletIs there a passenger list somewhere with these early Plymales names on them?
bulletHow was their last name spelled before coming to America?

I have found the surname "Plumelle" in France and there is also said to be an English Coat Of Arms with the spelling "Pliemel."  Another theory is that the first two Plymale brothers actual surname was "Ply" and that when they traveled by sea to America, the "male" was added to their name on a ship passenger list to denote their sex. 


Other leads have mentioned that they may have come on a sailing ship named the "Anne or Ann" and that they came with the Huguenots but that they were from Bohemia.

Also, the name PLIML is a known surname in the Czech Republic. There are some Czech Heritage Society websites on the internet that mention research into that name.   It appears that the Plimls that they are researching came to this country much later in the 1800's.

Eastern European history of the Hussite rebellion, thirty years war and the counter-reformation movement could well fit into our early emigration time frame as regards to escaping religious persecution.

Still another story says that the Plymales originated from Scotland along the Clyde River and sailed to America from France.


I received an email recently from a lady named June Potter in England.  The following is what she said:

My name is June Potter.  My maiden name was June Plimley.  I come from England.  Your last name as far as I can tell could be a different spelling of my last name.

My maiden name of Plimley was spelt in the year 1470 as PLYMLEYE, in a little town called Claverley in Shropshire.

I know of three main sources of the origin of the name:

1. it comes from the town of Plumley in Cheshire
Name            Year
Plumleya- Leia 1119
Plumbeia        1119
Plumb(e)legh    1288
Plumlegh        1345
Plumbley        1579
Plomle          1290
Plomeley        1446
Plumley - means a plum tree glade

2. There was once a small town Called Pimley near Shrewsbury Shropshire as far back as early 1700.  Alas it no longer exists but I found a reference to it in an very old book called the History of Myddle.

3. It could come from the area of the River Plym in Plymouth.  Ley means Land so it could have come from a piece of land from around there

I have the biggest collection of Names belonging to Plymley's, Plymleye, Plimley, Plumley, Plumlee, Plumbley, Plumblee, Plimbley, Plimly, Pliney,
Plumleigh, and also Brimley or Blameless as it is wrote in Dutch.

If you want more info please get in touch
best regards,
June Potter


Soon, I will be putting some great info onto this page describing the theories of 0-1-3-11-1-4-4 Robert Darwin Plymale regarding the origin of the Plymale Family name.  It is very interesting reading and may shed some important new light onto the subject.  Currently, some of his findings are posted on the Plymale Website Bulletin Board and they are indeed quite interesting and quite plausible.


Please feel free to spark up a conversation on the Bulletin Board if you have some input or some knowledge to share!  If you'd like to contact me directly Click Here.

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