Photo of 0-1-13-10 Hugh Plymale II and Mary Gilbert
at their 50th wedding anniversary about 1915

hughIIandmaryanniversary.jpg (64248 bytes)
front row: 0-1-13-10-8-1 Curtis Clay Porter (age 10), Lawrence Merrill Steger, 0-1-13-10-8-3 Mildred Porter,
                 0-1-13-10-8-2 Clyde Gilbert Porter
second row: Mary Gilbert, 0-1-13-10 Hugh Plymale II
third row: Eddie Steger, Chauncey Clay Porter, 0-1-13-10-8 Elma Plymale, 0-1-13-10-10 Rebecca Plymale,
                Mary Elizabeth Steger (Baby), 0-1-13-10-3 William Ezra Plymale

Photo of 0-1-13-10-8 Elma Plymale and some of her children and grandchildren.

0-1-13-10-8elmaandfamily.jpg (16541 bytes)

front row:   0-1-13-10-8-1-1-1 Phillip Curtis Porter (back to camera)
second row: 0-1-13-10-8-1 Curtis Clay Porter, 0-1-13-10-8-1-2 John Paul Porter and wife Sue Givens,
                   0-1-13-10-8 Elma Plymale.
back row:    0-1-13-10-8-1-3 Alma Joanne Porter, 0-1-13-10-8-1-1 Harold Curtis Porter and wife Bobbie Broom,
                   0-1-13-10-8-1-1-2 Chauncey Clay Porter (babe in arms)

photo taken in 1963 at 0-1-13-10-8-1 Curtis Clay Porter Home on State Road 218
near Bailey Chapel, Gallia County, Ohio.