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Read a letter written by 0-1-3 John Plymale (written in 1858)


A copy of a letter from 0-2-5-2 Zion Plymel to his Uncle 0-2-12 Michael Plymale.

Autreyville, Ga.
October the 6th, 1902

Mr. M. Plymale
Flovilla, Ga.

My Dear Uncle:

For the first time in life I will write you a few lines to let you hear from me. I am in very good health for an old man for age is creeping on and I am feeling it considerably. I am now about 65 years old and am the only one of Peter Plymale's boys living.  I have been living in Colquitt County now every since 1860 except 3 or 4 years. And had lost sight of you all entirely until 3 or 4 years ago. I heard you was living some where in Butts County, I only heard that cousin George was living some 3 or 4 years ago.  He has been to see me twice since we learned of each others whereabouts; the only brother I had living died last April. That was Brother Calvin I guess you remember him and Harly died some time in 1898 just before I learned where Bro. Calvin and Cousin George was. Well Uncle I have got a very large family there I have 5 boys and 3 girls living. My girls are all married and 2 of the boys are married and I still have 3 boys at home, and all living close to me the farthest one of them is only about 2 miles from me. Well uncle I would love to come to see you if I was able to come but I am not able. I have got to go up in Marion County the 18th. to look after Bro. Calvin's estate. I only live about 200 or 250 miles from you. If I could only be able I could come through in about a day or a day and a half, but tis so I cant come tho I hope to hear from you soon and to hear you are still living and in good health.

Troy heard from one of your granddaughters, and she was asking about some of the connection and said you requested some of us to write to you I am glad of an opportunity to write.  George's son is here with me now but is going back to Marion County when ever I go up there.

Well Uncle we have a very good farming country down here and a nice little town only 7 and 1/4 miles from me that is Moultrie.  I guess you are so old you can't come to see me but I wish I could have you come as we are the only ones of the older set of the Plymales so I will close hoping to hear from you soon I am your loving Nephew

Zion Plymel
Autreyville, Ga.


Note: 0-2-5-2 Zion Plymel was the son of 0-2-5 Peter Plymale, grandson of 0-2 Michael Plymale I.   Zion's Uncle 0-2-12 Michael Plymale was 93 years old at the time-the above letter was written.


A copy of a letter from 0-1-3-5-1 Rebecca Ann Vaughn Samples
to her Uncle 0-1-3-2 Anthony Wayne Plymale

November the 28th, 1867

From Rebecca Ann to her Dear Uncle Anthony Wayne Plymale.

I set my self down to write you a letter the first time in my life and I hope you will receive it with great pleasure and find you and your family all well.   I am in tolerable health.   Oh the trouble I have sean since my mother died.  I was moved from one place to another and whipt like a doge and Pap did not care one straw for me. I would not see Pap once in three years and _____?_____hoping he ______?______ bin married twice since mother died and me and my poor brother Wayne never saw one and other but two times after mother died and in the fifties I came here to Oregon.  In 1858 went to California to Pop and there found brother Wayne came across the plaines to California.  Uncle Wayne if it was not for the care of my three Little boys I would come to live with you.  Oh I would like to see you and in my life so I could tell you more then I can write.  Uncle Wayne cante tell you anything of my brother Anthony. I  have not hearde from him fore ____?___ years.  He wente to the rebel War.  Oh I would like to see him the best in the world he is the pretys younge man I ever saw in my life and thousand other sayes the same.  Oh pop him so bad he woulde curse him and me and say that if he had not married mother he would not had me and Wayne he sayed that the Plymal family is bad stock of people.  Oh Uncle Wayne my poore mother her laste word she aside fore pop to take care of Rebecca and Wayne and take us back to there Uncle Wayne Plymale.   Oh he did not do it I have wish A meney time that pop had taking me to you and I had never had sean him any more. I think it woulde be better for me and Wayne Oh Uncle I have bin strip starte naked when I was little child and whipt.  Oh how I woulde think of my poor mother I have wish meny time that had of died when mother did it would bin a greater satfaction to me and Wayne both we woulde have bin in peace with mother and our god.  Oh uncle Wayne it is so harde to be left with out a mother.  I have been married twice, I buried a husband and two little boys.  Oh it is so hard to give them up and I married again He drank and buse me and my two little boy so I could not live with him and I have left him.  I could not bare to let him to nock the blood from there nose. We have been separated four years.   I have five little boys three by my first and two by my last.  I have no home for them and me.  I after work by days wagest fore other pople to support my self and little children they have never have bin to school yet I cant get a nuff a heade to sende them to school We moved here to Oregon when I left my man.  I wente back to pop in California and left my three little boys heare in Oregon and my brother Wayne was gone and pop he drinks so I could not stand it at all.  He thinks a great deeie of his little one at home now but thanke god I can fore give him fore the buse pop has give me and my poore brother Anthony Wayne my dear brother I hope god will take care of him in his trouble and tryels and his journey.  Now Uncle I will tell you my little boys names.   The oldest name is William Anderson Philpatt is nine years old, Marrion Gariatt Philpatt is in his eight years, George Henry Samples is six years old.  God bless them they are prety.  I will sende likeness as soon as I get it takinge I will send it in the next letter Uncle I Wonte you to sends me your likiness in the nexte letter you rite to me if you please.  Tell granfather I would like to see hime be fore he dies but I guess he dont care for me.  I gess I will after come to it a close by sayinge you must wright as soon an you get this letter.

Direct it to Scio To Linn County, Oregon

I will tell you where iam at Uncle Ben Vaughan house, he sends his love to you Uncle Wayne.
From Rebecca Samples to her Dears Uncle Wayne Plymal

Good by to you all

heare is a lock of my hair
I have same of mothers hair.


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