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The Plymale Family In America

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Sarah Ann Plymale was a slave to her master 0-1-3 John Plymale.  According to the 1850 Census, she was born in 1813.  Wayne County death records show that she died in September of 1860.  She is buried in the 0-1-3 John Plymale Cemetery in Wayne County, WV.  She helped raise all of John Plymale's children except for 0-1-3-19 Jefferson Davis Plymale who was born the year that she died.


A Wayne County, Virginia (West Virginia) Slave Census of 1860

states that 0-1-3 John Plymale owned 8 slaves:
age 35 / female / black
age 35 / female / black
age 13 / female / black
age 12 / male / black
age 9 / female / black
age 7 / male / black
age 2 / female / black
age ? /   ?   /    ?  

Anthony W. Plymale (probably 0-1-3-2) owned 1 slave
age 10 / female / mulatto


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to see a picture of the 0-1-3 John Plymale house
that is said to have been built with slave labor.


0-1-6 Anthony Plymale II never owned slaves, and is believed to have done every thing in his power to help runaway slaves from the southern states to get into a free state. He is said to have been a member of the underground railroad which assisted slaves to liberty. He was also a member of company which bought 500 acres of land in Burlington, Ohio for 37 slaves which were freed by their master in Orange County, Virginia. Their master willed them their liberty at his death, and set aside $10,000 for purchasing land in a free state, and to provide for them until they got settled and established. Today more than one-half of the population of Burlington, Ohio is black.


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