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From the House Of Delegates Yearbook
(1857-1858) Session Of General Assembly - Richmond, Virginia

Friday, December 11th, 1857
On Motion of Mr. (0-1-3) John Plymale resolved that the committee of road and internal navigation inquire into the expediency of constructing a graded road from Wayne Courthouse, up the right hand fork of Twelve Pole River to Kiers Fork to the same, thence the most practical route, to intersect the road leading from Logan Courthouse to the Tug Fork of Sandy River.
Wednesday, January 13, 1858
Bill #208: A bill to incorporate the Wayne Courthouse and Tug Fork Turnpike Company. Passed.
Which provided for building the road up the right hand fork of Twelve Pole Creek.
Thursday, December 10, 1857
On motion of Mr. Plymale, resolved, that the committee for Courts of Justice inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill extending the jurisdiction of a Justice of the Peace so as to embrace cases of assault and battery, and allowing the Justice to impanel a jury to assess the fine.


"Minutes of the Circuit Court of Cabell, Virginia from 1809 to 1863"
by R. S. Douthat, County Court Clerk of Cabell County, West Virginia
Huntington, West Virginia Public Library

1816-(0-1-3)John Plymale took the several oaths required by law for the execution of the office of Deputy Sheriff.
1818-Hugh Bowen, John Everett, Jr. and John Plymale took the oaths required by law to be Deputy Sheriff under John Hannon.
June 25 1820-John Plymale this day appointed Constable.
June 25: 1821-John Plymale was appointed Captain of the 120th Regiment of the Militia. also, he was on the Jury.
Vol. 2/page 55: John Plymale resigned as Constable and (0-1-6) Anthony Plymale was appointed in his place. John Plymale was then appointed Deputy Sheriff by William Toney, gave bond and took the oath required by law.
Vol. 2/page 115: John Plymale took the oath and was appointed Deputy Sheriff under Sheriff William Toney.
Vol. 2/pagel7l: John Plymale was promoted in the Militia to Captain, Anthony Plymale as Lieutenant and Milton Ferguson as Ensign.
Vol. 2/page 228: Nathan Plymale was appointed Constable in 1824.
February 23, 1824-John Plymale took the oath as Captain in the Militia.
Vol. 2/page 228:
1825-John Plymale, a Justice of the Peace received from the County Clerk, John Samuels,one copy of Hemmings Justice, which he promises to return upon removal from office.
Vol. 3/page 11: John Plymale, Sally Perdue and Leroy Garrett were appointed Administrators for Jesse Perdue, deceased.
Vol. 3/page 14: July 24, 1826-Court ordered that John Plymale, Benjamin Drown be recommended to his excellency, John Tyler, Esq., Governor of Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth of Virginia, as fit to fill the office of Justice of Peace for Cabell County, Virginia
Vol. 3/page 30: January 16, 1827-John Plymale, Benjamin Drown and Andrew Barrett took the several oaths of office as Justices of Peace.
Vol. 3/ page 38: April 23, 1827-John Plymale went bond for Edmond McGennis for Sheriff.
Vol. 3/page 71: October 22, 1827-John Plymale, Benjamin Drown and James Holderby and William Buffington held court.
Vol. 3/page 88: February 25, 1828-John Plymale, Elisha McComas, Benjamin Drown, John Hannon, William Fullerton, Thomas Kilgore, Levi McCormaic, William Spurlock, Patric Keenen, Frederick Moore, Andrew Barrett, William Brumfield, William Buffington and Abia Rece, Justices held court.
Vol. 3/page 235: October 1, 1830-John Plymale and others held court and appointed the Commissioner of Schools for Cabell County, Virginia.
Vol. 3/page 351: March 28, 1831-John Plymale, William Brumfield, Allen McGennis and Samuel Short held court.
Vol. 3/page 261: May 23, 1831-A court was held. Present was John Plymale, Benjamin Drown, Elisha McComas and John Everett, Jr., Justices.
Vol. 3/page 263: Court ordered that Leroy Garrett, Anthony Plymale, John Thompson, William Haynie and Elisha Hinds be appointed Commissioners to superintend the election to be held at the Buffalo Shoals In August next.
Vol. 3/page 344: September 24, 1832-Court was held and the count on the election of Commissioner of the Revenue for the County of Cabell, Benjamin Davis and Anthony P@ale stand thus: Anthony Plymale-eight votes; Benjamin Davis-six votes; Anthony Plymale, having received a majority of votes cast, is declared elected. He appeared, gave bond and took the oath as required by law.
Vol. 3/page 509: March 24, 1835-John Plymale and others were appointed overseers of the poor of this County and took oath.
Vol. 4/page 397: March 23, 1841-Court ordered that Anthony Plymale, Benjamin Drown, William Haynie, John Hatfield and John B. Bowen to be appointed as Commissioners to superintend the precinct election to be held at the Buffalo Shoals.
December 27, 1841-Court was held. John Plymale and other Justices officiating.
Tuesday, April 30, 1844-John Plymale served on the jury for Superior Court; David McComas, Judge.


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