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The Plymale Family In America

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Land Deeds

Look at a Land Deed signed by 0-1 Anthony Plymale in 1820

Read a Land Deed between 0-1-6 Anthony Plymale and his 2nd. wife Sarah Fuller

Other Records Of Land Transactions:

Giles County, Virginia

Deeds listed in general index
Giles County Courthouse at Pearisburg, Virginia

Anthony Plymale from Paul Epling's Escr. Book A, page 228.
Anthony Plymale to David Price, Jr. Book A, page 239.
Anthony Plymale to Christina Ripple. Book A, page 276.
Anthony Plymale from John Vohn (Vaughn) and wife.
Book A, page 304.
Anthony Plymale from John Vohn (Vaughn) and wife.
Book A, page 305.
Anthony Plimale and wife Ann Criner to William Eagleston. Book B, page 182.
8-1820:Anthony Plimale and wife Ann Criner to William Eagleston.
Book B, page 191.
Anthony Plimale and wife Ann Criner to William Eagleston. Book B, page 193.

April 25th 1811:
Book A, page 228; Anthony Plymale bought 136 acres from Paul Epling deceased, through his Executors; David Price and Parker Lucas, being in the County of Giles on Spruce Run, a branch of New River, being a part of a tract of land containing 286 acres granted to William Webb the 16th day of February, 1793. For in consideration of 28 pounds paid to Catherine Lybrook.

Sept. 23, 1812:
Book A, page 276.
Deed from Anthony Plymale to Christina Ripple.
For consideration of $120.00 sold a parcel of land containing 120 acres, being the same of a patent of 120 acres granted to the said Anthony Plymale (Plimell) by letter patent bearing date 9th day of April, 1805 lying and being in the County of Giles in the Clover Hollow waters of Sinking Creek branch of New River. Description etc. omitted.
Anthony Plymale (SEAL)

At Giles, September Court 1812. This deed of bargain and sale from Anthony Plimell and Bethia, his wife, to Christina Ripple was acknowledged in court the said Bethia being first privately examined as the law requireth. Relinquish her right of dowry which is ordered to be recorded.
Teste: David French, County Clerk

(Bethia Plymale died a short time after signing the above deed.)

Dec. 4, 1812: Survey for Anthony Plymall, 50 acres of land. By virtue of an entry of 50 acres made this the 4th day of December, 1812 on part of a land office Treasure Warrant No. 4895 and recorded 26th day of May, 1812, lying and being in the County of Giles on the waters of Spruce Run, a branch of New River, and bounded as follows: Beginning at two chestnuts, corner to James Rowe land on the south side of the Nob Mountain and Etc. legal description omitted.

Warrant No. 1865 on which this survey is founded remains In my office for further appropriation.

Oct. 25, 1813:
Book A, page 305.
To Anthony Plymale from John Vohn (Vaughn) and wife.  For the consideration of $30.00, John Vaughn and his wife, Patty sold to Anthony Plymale a tract of land containing 85 acres being in Giles County on Spruce Run, a branch of New River. Description, etc. omitted.
John Vohn (SEAL)
Oct. 25, 1813:
Book A, page 305.
By and between John Vaughn and his wife, Patty, to Anthony Plymale. In consideration of $30.00 a tract of land containing 45 acres on Spruce Run Creek.
John Vaughn (SEAL)
Patty Vaughn (SEAL)
Order recorded: David French, County Clerk.
Deed book D. page 280
William Eagleston sold to his son, Thomas Eagleston, 286 acres on Spruce Run for the sum of $30.00
Book D page 595
Thomas Eagleston sold to Andrew Kissinger for $500.00 the three tracts of land originally bought from Anthony Plymale and his wife Ann Criner
Deed book D.
Kissenger sold to Daniel Boster, 50 acres on Spruce Run for $200.00.
Book L.
Andrew Kissinger's heirs sold 182 and 1/2 acres to John A. Cook for $875.00.


Montgomery County, Virginia

Montgomery County Courthouse
Christiansburg, Virginia.
Deeds from general index, page 31.

March 1827 - Anthony Plimall to William McCoy.
Deed book IJ, page 466.
April 1827 - Anthony Plymall to Joseph Darr.
Deed book IJ, page 491.
March 1832 - Anthony Plimel from Ebenezer Melvin.
Deed  book K, page 466.
April 1843 - Anthony Plymel to John Pepper.
Deed book N, page 333.

Sept. 23, 1812:
Book B, pages 182, 191, 193. Anthony Plimale sold to Christina Ripple 120 acres of land on Clover Hollow, waters of Sinking Creek, branch of New River, by letter of patent (April 9, 1805).
Nov. 12, 1825:
Deed from Anthony Plymall to Joseph Darr.  Sold for $200.00 one hundred acres of land in Montgomery County, Virginia . (Legal description, etc.) (Not recorded until 1843.)

Anthony Plymell (SEAL)
                his x mark

December 18th, 1826
Anthony Plimale: This indenture made this the 18th day of December, 1826, between Anthony Plimale of the County of Gallia, State of Ohio and William McCow of the County of Montgomery, State of Virginia. Witnesseth the A. Plimale has bargained and sold unto the said McCoy one certain track or parcel of land lying in the county of Montgomery, supposed to contain 100 acres be same more or less for the sum of $15.00 description, etc.

signed: Anthony Plimale
                   his x mark

March 11th, 1843
Deed book N, page 333. Tax Sale.

Whereas; Frances Henderson, deputy for William Eakin, late Sheriff of Montgomery County, by virtue of the several acts of the General Assembly in relation to delinquent and forfeited lands, did on the 5th day of October, 1840, expose to sale at the Courthouse door of said County, a tract of land lying in said county on the Brush Mountain, containing 2,300 acres and which was returned delinquent in the name of Anthony Plymel for the non payment of taxes due there on for the years 1832 and 1833 amounting to fifty-three cents, and whereas John Pepper, became the purchaser of said tract of land at the sum due for taxes and the time allotted for the redemption having elapsed and no person having redeemed the same, and the law having provided that the Clerk of the County Court should convey to the purchaser the said land sold as aforesaid., conveying such estate only as should vested in the charged with taxes for the non payment thereof, such sale was made, and the said John Pepper having requested the said deed to be made to him.

In witness where of the said Rice D. Montague hath hereunto set his hand and seal this 11th day of March, 1843.

Rice D. Montague (SEAL)


Alleghany County, Virginia

Book 7 Page 778

I, Thomas Plymale, party of first part, do bargain, sell and convey to John W. Plymale, party of second, a certain parcel of land, containing seventy acres, more or less for the sum of $250.00, also, kitchen furniture, and one bay mare, wagon, three cows, one heifer, two calves. Legal description omitted.

T. I. Plymale (son of Wm. B. Plymale)

7- 17-1849
Book 5-Page 35

Trust Deed

William B. Plymale and Elizabeth, his wife, sold to Christopher Damron 273 acres on Potts Creek being same conveyed to William B. Plymale by Bernard Johnson and his wife, bearing date of the 8th day of December, 1845. Another track adjoins the above containing 95 acres, being a survey made for the said Plymale on 23rd. day of June, 1847, and patented to said Plymale by Patent bearing date on the ____ day of _____ . Promises to pay before the 17th day of July, 1851, the $120.57 plus interest. This indenture to be void when paid.

See Book 5 Page 29. Deed to William B. Plymale from Bernard Thompson and wife.
273 acres for the sum of _______ .  1845.


Deed from William B. Plymale and wife, Elizabeth to William Helmintoller, 92 acres of land adjoining the lands of King and Fudge, for the consideration of $1.00 cash in hand, etc.

Trust Deed 1859
Book 6 Page 15

William B. Plymale to William Morton and others, 251 acres, 95 acres, 21 acres, 36 acres, one sorrel mare, one clay bank mare, one sorrel horse, 3 milk cows, 7 head of young cattle.,15 head of sheep, together with the furniture and clock, 2 rifle guns, 30 head of hogs, one mare, one mans saddle and one ladies saddle and all household and kitchen furniture, one two horse wagon, and also said grantors present crop of corn, oats, and tobacco growing on said tracts.

The above deed of trust was to secure payment of the following debts which were over due

$40.57     due Andrew Fudge (Note)
$33.86     due Adams Fudge
$  3.01      due Fudge and Thompson (groceries)
$20.65     due Robert Skeen
$22.50     due Aner Fudge
$50.00     due Gabriel McDonnald
$40.00     due Francis McDonnald and Edwin Kyle

TOTAL $2lO.59


Wayne County, Virginia (West Virginia)

Land gifts from 0-1-6 Anthony Plymale II to his children after their marriages.

Deed Book C Page 322. Anthony Plymale to Elizabeth Plymale Haney-130 acres on Buffalo Creek.
Deed Book C Page 320. Anthony Plymale to Alderson Plymale-200 acres on Buffalo Creek.
Deed Book C Page 315. Anthony Plymale to Rebecca Plymale Malcolm-175 acres on Buffalo Creek.
Deed Book C Page 317. Anthony Plymale to Wm. C. L. Plymale-tract of land on Queen fork of Hurricane Creek.

Deed Book P Page 106
Deed from John and Lourana Plymale to Harrison Smith. 103 acres on Whites Creek for the sum of $230.00.
(John bought this farm which was owned by Samuel Smith, probably Harrison's father, which was sold at a public auction to secure the debt of a certain sum of money owed to L. Lutle.)
Deed Book P Page 319
John Plymale and wife, Lourana (Shelton) Plymale to Anthony Wayne Plymale, his son and her stepson, 160 acres on Buffalo Creek for the sum of $1.00.


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